About Us

Company Philosophy

We devote ourselves to continuous technical innovation and rationalizations to ensure appropriate profit with the philosophy of "innovation through day-to-day activities". And we pursuit our future prosperity and contribution to society.


  • 1.Always work at the customer's viewpoint
  • 2.Always challenge to the creative technology in every field
  • 3.Always seek for job efficiency and do best for company prosperity
  • 4.Always work in harmony & cooperation
  • 5.Always concern employee's mutual prosperity

President's Message

President Masahiroi Kasatani

Kasatani Corp. started with the manufacture of thin plate spring for automobile in 1954. We consistently use our die production technology which we have been working on various difficult processed materials. We manufacture various kind of products of metal press forming and injection molding, such as automotive parts and cell phone parts using aforementioned technology. We have been flexibly and quickly responding to market changes. We also have been seeking and practicing new business fields to offer high quality product to our customers.

Kasatani Corp. built up the global production network in Malaysia in 1999 and in China in 2002 responding to the growing requirements from home and overseas for thin/small super precision parts with progressing miniaturization and lightweight of the products. We have improved infrastructure with latest analytical instruments, focused on research and development for product innovation. Accordingly, our engineering staff are given the opportunities to join several industry-academia-government collaboration research projects.

At present, we have started the environmental-related business focusing on the production of silicon wafers for solar cell systems such as cutting silicon ingot into rectangular shape, and slice and wash process of the monocrystalline silicon wafer. We manufacture magnesium products as well. Magnesium has unique characteristics, the lightest in weight and the highest specific strength, and it is also hard to process. Those are indispensable project for us to coexist with the earth. Kasatani intends to establish the environmental business using our technology and make it one of our most important projects. We are continuing to improve ourselves and contribute to the society with our philosophy of “innovation through day-to-day activities”

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Corporate Summary

Corporation Name Kasatani Corp.
Head Office
  • 15-21, Mitsuya-naka, 2-chome, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, 532-0036, Japan
  • Tel: 06-6308-0034(Main Switchboard)   Fax: 06-6300-5672
Established June, 1954
President Masahiro Kasatani, Chief Executive Directer
Line of Business

Production and Sales of Springs
Metal Press Forming, Resin Molding and Assembling Automotive Parts,
Office Automation Equipment, Home Appliance and Communication Devices Production and Sales of Press Die
Import and Export Machine Tools, Metal Processing Machines,
Tools and Related Parts for Aforementioned Equipment Sales and service of Metal Surface Treatment and its Treatment agent Shaping Silicone Ingot, Slicing Ingot for Solar Cell

Capital 98,000,000 Yen
Overseas Subsidiary
  • Kasatani Advance Technology Sdn.Bhd. (Penan, Malaysia)
  • Tianjin Kasatani Co,Ltd. (Tianjin, China)
  • Zhongshan Kasatani Co,Ltd.(Zhongshan,China)
  • Hong Kong Kasatani Co,Ltd.(Hong Kong)
Domestic Network

Plant: Yodogawa-ku, Osaka(5 factories), Nishinomiya City in Hyogo, Sasayama City in Hyogo,Business Office: Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama City in Kanagawa

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Kasatani Hatsujo Corporation started thin Plate Springs and Coil Springs Production
Introduction of Multi-Slide Press Forming Machine, High-Speed Press Forming Machine, Continuous Non-oxidation Quenching Forge and Electric-discharge Machining
Nagoya Office (Chubu Office) opened to enhance Automotive related business
Press Forming and Assembling of Video Recorder parts started
Tan’nan plant (Sasayama plant at present) opened for large press forming
Plastic Injection-mold Processing started to enhance Information and Communication Business(cell phone related)
  • Kanto Office opened with the growing demand of Mobile Communication (cell phones)
  • Change the corporate name to Kasatani Corp.
Acquisition of Progress & Precision Sdn. Bhd. In Penang, Malaysia (Kasatani Advance Technology Sdn. Bhd., at the present)
Tottori Technical Center opened to strengthen the business of Electric Circuit and Measurement Technology for Video, Information Technology, and Mobile Communication
Research and Development of Magnesium Press Forming started
Tianjin Kasatani Co,Ltd. opened for China Market
  • Magnesium Press Forming Business started
  • Silicon Wafers for solar cells started
Established Nishinomiya plant
Zhongshan Kasatani Co,Ltd. opened to enhance Automotive related business
Hong Kong Kasatani Co,Ltd.opened to facilitate trade in China
Zhongshan Kasatani obtained certification of Quality Management System ISO/TS16949:2009
IMA(International Magnesium Association)2013 Awards of Excellence prize
Tianjin Kasatani obtained certification of Quality Management System ISO/TS16949:2009
The 5th Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Aword(Special Prize)

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