Press Forming of Low-formability Materials(Magnesium Alloys / Magnesium-lithium Alloys)

Press Forming of Magnesium Alloys / Magnesium-lithium Alloys

First in the World! Mass Production Press Forming of Magnesium-lithium Alloys (Mg-Li Alloys)

Features of Press Formed Mg-Li Alloys

  • 1.Lightweight

    It is the lightest practical alloy.

    • It is 25% lighter than magnesium alloys.
    • It is 50% lighter than aluminum alloys.
  • 2.Realization of High Corrosion Resistance and High Conductivity

    It has been put to practical use through co-development with material manufacturers, surface finishing solution manufacturers, paint manufacturers, and clients.

  • 3.Development of Press Forming Technology

    We have made it possible to process Mg-Li alloys by improving the press forming technology for magnesium alloys.

A Press Formed Sample A Press Formed Sample

Mass Production Press Forming of a Magnesium Alloy (AZ31) for a Variety of Products

  • Top Cover

    Top CoverCustomer's Product

  • Keyboard Cover

    Keyboard CoverCustomer's Product

  • Battery Cover

    Battery CoverCustomer's Product

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Start to Finish Production of a Press Formed Magnesium Alloy – Mgbright (Surface Finishing)

Establishment of a Start to Finish Mass Production System
- In Collaboration with Material Manufacturers, Press Forming Machine Manufacturers, and Lubricant Manufacturers -

  1. Tooling Fabrication

    • Special Tooling Coating
    • Press Forming Simulation Analysis
    • Tooling Temperature Control Technology
  2. Procurement of Materials

    Co-development with Material Manufacturers

  3. Press Forming

    Warm Press Forming of Low-formability Materials

  4. Mgbright

    • Chemical Processing
      • Burnishing for an Authentic Magnesium Finish
    • Coating
      • Strong Adhesion
      • High Corrosion Resistance
  5. Inspection / Shipping

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