Quality Policy & Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

Quality Slogan:"Quality is vital energy for the company" Challenge to Zero-Defect

With customer satisfaction from the customers' view point as our top priority,we have established a world-class quality management system through development, design, manufacture and shipment.
We use various highprecision analyzers which performs nanoregion analysis to supply stable products to auto-industries which is strict for quality and other customers.
We conduct education, training and small group activity among our employees to increase their quality awareness.
We also conduct the same education and support program to our overseas factories to keep the same quality management system as in Japan.

ISO9001 Certification

Environmental Policy

Environmental Slogan:"Will do whatever we can, for the Earth, the Air and the Water"

We established our plants in Osaka, Sasayama and Nishinomiya where there are rich history and culture.
We places priority on the environment, harmony with the local communities and employee health and welfare. Also, we comply with every regulation including Seto Inland Sea environment conservation regulations, among the strictest in the world, and commitments with interested parties.
We also responded to RoHS Convention for electrical and electronic equipment and ELV Convention for automobile, and positively engage in reducing emissions in the manufacturing process.

ISO14001 Certification

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Quality Assurance in overseas subsidiary

  • Kasatani Advance Technology Sdn.Bhd. (Penan, Malaysia)

    ISO9001 ISO14001 Certification

  • Tianjin Kasatani Co,Ltd. (Tianjin, China)

    ISO9001 ISO14001 Certification

  • Zhongshan Kasatani Co,Ltd. (Zhongshan,China)

    ISO9001 ISO14001 TS16949 Certification

Zhongshan Kasatani Co,Ltd. (Zhongshan,China) ISO9001 ISO14001 TS16949 Certification

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